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PopDown Panel Program
Written by: Michael Karas

This page shows a nice little pop-down window or panel control that is written as a Visual Basic program shell. This program provides a form that auto sizes and scales itself from its design time size to a specific fraction of the screen width. The window then positions itself to the top part of the desktop and hooks a timer to keep itself in an "always on top" mode. When the mouse cursor is positioned away from the small window it retracts itself up so that just the very bottom most part is showing. Moving the mouse near to the edge of the screen under the window will make the window or panel pop-down in a smooth manner to make the form visible. In many regards this control operates very similar to the Win2K and WinXP Start Bar.

The picture below shows image of the completely retracted window.

When the mouse cursor is positioned over the narrow window bar, as shown above, then the window image will drop down as shown in the series of three pictures below.

Code has been included in the program to paint the pop-down panel with the sunken look as showm in the example as shown in the next picture.

The pop-down panel can be populated with any typical Visual Basic controls as suited to a particular application. The samples shown in the demo version include a display of a program version number, the X / Y mouse cursor position, a date and time display and an Exit button to close the pop-down program.

Click the link below to download the PopDown Panel source code and project files that have been packed into a ZIP archive file.

Download PopDown

(Note regarding the download: You may incorporate all or parts of this program into your own project. Keep in mind that you get this code free and as such Carousel Design Solutions has no responsibility to you, your customers, or anyone else regarding the use of this program code. No support or warranty of any kind can be provided. All liability falls upon the user of this code and thus you must judge the suitability of this code to your application and usage. Please feel free to post comments on the VB section of the Carousel Forum).

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