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Pages of Embedded Information To Share

LCD Information

A Cool ASCII Chart
This is a handy little ASCII chart that you can copy and put on your desk top.

Using Custom Symbols On LCDs
Here is some information on using "soft font" symbols in the CGRAM of a Hitachi type character mode LCD controller. Ask the question "Are 8 soft symbols ever going to be enough?".

Using Bitmapped Fonts With a Graphics LCD Module
This page introduces a development I did to display graphics fonts on a COG Graphics LCD display module. There are pictures of the hardware, displays and a link to download the code.

8051/8052 Microcontroller Information

An 8051/8052 Instruction OpCode Chart
This is a chart of all 8051/8052 instruction opcodes organized in numerical order. It is a handy quick reference guide as well as it shows the original Intel concepts of how the various opcodes were assigned to bit fields in the opcode byte.

An 8051 Delay Loop Calculator
This is a spreadsheet utility that allows you to devise a delay subroutine to suit your needs. The sheet shows the structure of the generic delay subroutine which is then customized to your platform requirements. [Best if accessed with Internet Explorer and Excel].

Automatic Baud Rate Detection For 8052
Here is a programming example of how to perform automatic baud rate detection for the UART port on an 8052.

Using SiLabs JTag Debug Facility
I show you how I utilized the low cost SiLabs IDE and Development platform to support code debug in retrofit on an existing platform.

Prototyping With High Integration 8051 Parts
How to take advantage of high integration 8051 derivatives during the prototyping and software development phase of your project.

Prototyping and PCB Design

Prototyping With A 0.5mm Flex Cable
A scheme showing how to attach a COG Graphics LCD display module, that comes with a fine pitch flex cable, to an 8051 evaluation board.

Using Spark Gaps as ESD Protection for Microcontroller Inputs
Here I tell how you can successfully incorporate PC board spark gaps into a microcontroller board design to protect the electronics components from the high voltages of ESD spikes.

Visual Basic Controls and Code

An LED Indicator Control
This control provides a realistic simulation of an LED indicator for VB6 programs. This LED is unique in that it can be any size, supports programmable blinking and may be red, green, yellow or blue.

An Activity Indicator Control
Here is a rotating activity indicator for your VB6 programs that is implemented as a user control. This can very easily be upgraded to an ActiveX control.

A Round Progress Control
This is a round progress indicator for your VB6 programs. This is provided in the custom user control format and can easily be converted into an ActiveX control.

A Number Edit Box Control
A self contained numerical edit box control that has range checking and a clever in-place out of range indicator. This control also implements an integrated spinner control that has autostep capability while the mouse button is held down. Now number editing on your program forms has never been easier.

A Pop Down Panel Program
A small pop-down window control that slides down from the top of the desktop at will. Use this as a shell to design your own desktop tool or utility.

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