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Akai, Japan

Developed the ROM based BIOS and file management system for drum synthesizer machine with DOS compatible file system upon diskette. All work done in 80286 assembly language including the design and coding of the file system.

Coast Vision, Huntington Beach CA

Produced firmware for a laser marking system that writes stroke font serial numbers on soft contact lenses using a CO2 laser with a galvanometer mirror deflection system. System hardware consisted of a 68HC11 microcontroller with all coding done in assembly language.

Comtrol Inc, Maple Grove MN

Setup a testing laboratory for testing Comtrol multiport serial adapter products and Windows device drivers to the Microsoft WHQL testing program. Included learning the test process for HCT 11.2 and 9.5 for testing to Win2000, WinXP, and Win2003/Server requirements. Produced an engineering process document to aid the client in performing testing in the future on their own.

Conveyent Systems Inc, Irvine CA

Produced all micro controller firmware for a four line telephone system aimed at the Centrex enhancement marketplace. This hardware was based upon a 6303 (6800 derivative) processor with all coding done in assembler language. The design included a sophisticated 28 extension line status digital filter.

Chromalloy San Diego Inc, El Cajon CA

Designed and coded the control system software and motion control algorithms for a 486 PC based Honeycomb Material Laser Welder. System is a custom industrial handling machine that forms metal ribbon into a hex cell pattern and welds the strips into long loops to create strips of the material for use in jet engine seals and high tech structural material. This development was done in C language in the target PC in a DOS environment. Also developed a PC based plug in card for laser galvo position and focus control that supports real time production line web tracking for laser welding applications.

Directed Energy Inc, Irvine CA

Produced all software for a multibus based laser marking machine that uses seven CO2 lasers to write dot matrix characters on product packages in a factory environment. Engineered and developed complete embedded PC systems design and software for second generation system including Windows real time control shell and interface program. This product and all utilities were done in C coding on an 80386/80486 platform. The target application was self bootable without a DOS requirement. The Windows user interface program was implemented in C++.

Discorp, Simi Valley CA

Developed a sophisticated VGA graphics board with hardware windowed document imaging memory for use in PC/AT based document imaging system. This design utilized a VGA gate array mated with many PALs and a VRAM array to implement the document memory and overlay window.

Domino Lasers Inc, Santa Ana CA

Designed and coded a third generation laser marking system control program and multi lingiual graphics user interface system for an embedded PC based standalone laser controller. The user interface included Chinese and Japanese language support. All coding was done for this project in a combination of stanalone C and assembly language. The system utilized a proprietary VGA graphics driver core that was optimized for the DOS free nature of the product.

Genie Computer Corp, Westlake CA

Developed SCSI host adapter interface hardware, BIOS software, and MSDOS device drivers for a range of products including SCSI controlled disk drives and tape drives. Also produced a complete image and file by file tape backup software package for use under DOS.

IBM, Boulder CO

Designed a high performance A/D converter module for digitizing analog wave forms from a floppy disk drive test fixture. This was a 12 bit converter with a sampling rate of 1 MHz built on an S100 board. The board was hosted in a CPM68K machine and utilized S100 bus DMA. Included a complete data collection software package written in 68K assembler language.

Imation Corp, St Paul MN

Developed a 16 channel IDE controller for use in a factory test system. The ISA based PC card utilized surface mount FPGA technology.

Litton Aero Products, Moorpark CA

Produced a file transfer product for data and program files from a GENRAD circuit board test system to/from a PC using an eight inch floppy drive on the PC. This product was coded in C with specialized assembly language drivers for the 8 inch floppy drive controller.

NK Biotechnology, Plymouth MN

Completely re-wrote the 8051 embedded software for a grip strength tester to provide a much improved user experience. Also devised a specification to show how the 3-digit seven segment display on the product could be replaced with a small COG type graphics LCD.

On Board Systems, Canoga Park CA

Designed a hand held visual strobe tachometer product with digital readout for the hobby RC helicopter market place. The device was a 3 chip descrete design without a microcontroller.

Pacesetter / St Jude Medical, San Fernando CA

Developed a micro controller based communications protocol converter and PC based software to permit PC connection to a pacemaker communications channel. The protocol converter was a custom 8051 design with coding in assembler language. Also developed a high integration skin ECG interface for a PC environment, a high speed magnetically coupled serial interface coupler, and a PC based battery life test analyzer driven by a programmable script language.

Pacific Trinetics Inc., San Marcos CA

Developed a complete PC based operating environment for a motion control system including graphical user interface, scripting language compiler and interpreter and coordinated motion controller. System included lasers, temperature controller, three axis servo motion controllers, and vision controlled positioning of system components. This was complete inplementation done in C using the Borland tools.

Point Technology, Granada Hills CA

Developed micro controller hardware for a hand held inkjet printer product including circuit design and circuit board layout. This design utilized a Hitachi 6301Y micro controller.

Rainmaster Irrigation Systems, Simi Valley CA

Developed a handheld battery operated remote transmitter that provided wireless RF communication to an irrigation controller station. The design used FM modulation with DTMF tones for signalling. The PIC based design included an assembly language firmware set.

Raytheon Systems / Federal Systems, Fort Wayne IN

Produced the firmware for a handheld remote control unit for the Raytheon military radio product line. The device incorporated a graphics LCD and a keypad. Coding was done in C language for the MC68HC908GP32 based hardware platform

Rehabilicare Inc, New Brighton MN

Designed and coded operational firmware for micropocessor based TENS and nerve stimulator units. The products were based on Motorola MC69HC707JP7 and 'HC908GP32 microcontrollers. The coding, done in assembly language included sophisticated programmable timing generators. Software projects included complete FDA compliant Requirements, Design and Implementation Specifications. Also designed and built a factory test system for testing TENS and nerve stimulator units. The PC based system uses an external test adapter fixture and is programmed using an easy to use script language system that was designed for the client.

Vendex Pacific, Los Angeles CA

Performed a broad range of engineering activities related to the HeadStart Computer series. Tasks included PC clone compatibility testing and problem isolation, custom I/O board design, diagnostic software packages, and QC program development and QC oversight for the Korean based factory.

WaveFront Technologies, Lake Forest CA

Designed hardware and software for a sophisticated laser galvo controller based upon 68332 that utilizes pre-compiled motion profiles to focus and move a laser beam to perform cutting and drilling applications. Coding for this controller was done in C and 68K assembler.

XTree Company, San Luis Obispo CA

Worked on PC platform software products including XTreeGOLD, a file management package with ZIP capabilities, XTree Link, a machine to machine file transfer package, and XTNET, a Netware file management package. The work was DOS based development using assembly language and C language coding.


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