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Michael Karas


Microprocessor Systems Development, 
Programmable Gate Array Applications,
Embedded Software Systems Development,
and Project / Engineering Management



North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota 9/69 to 3/73
BSEEE Degree

Specific course work related to computer design and engineering economics
Work study employee of University
Computer Center, NDSU; '70 to '71
assistant operator; '71 to '72
assistant staff programmer.

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 9/74 to 10/76

Coursework for digital systems design and semiconductor device properties


Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR 01/06 to Pres

Senior Board Engineer working on hardware design of high performance server platforms aimed at the mainstream and volume OEM markets. Also involved with all aspects of server management functions of servers including remote KVM capabilities, redirected media and remote control. The server boards utilize the very newest of Intel dual and multi-core CPUs and high perfomance chipsets.

ITT Cannon
Shakopee, MN 10/04 to 12/05

Software Lead working on firmware for industrial joystick controllers that are embedded in construction equipment for OEM customers. Firmware work included development in C and assembly language for microcontrollers including the Atmel AVR Mega 8/16 and the Renesas H8. Also provided additional calibration support and data logging tools written in Microsoft VB6. Worked on the systems engineering and hardware circuit designs for upgrades to the joystick circuits. Provided additional software algorithms for joystick products including diagnostic monitoring, built-in Hall cell calibration support and in-system firmware reprogrammability.

Embedded Systems Inc
Blaine, MN 9/02 to 10/04

Embedded Engineer working on development of various hardware design and embedded software projects. Work projects performed for client companies included:

Goodrich Sensor Systems, Burnsville MN - Devised hardware architecture and the embedded firmware for a tabletop joystick terminal that interfaces to a laser based perimeter awareness system. The device included a keypad, LED displays, a joystick and an alert device. Firmware prepared in Keil C51 for the Cygnal C8051F126 processor. Several utilities for parameter programming and firmware reprogramming done in Microsoft VB 6.

ITT Aerospace, Fort Wayne IN - Devised hardware architecture and all embedded firmware for a handheld terminal and GPS display for the ITT military radio product line. The device used a COG style graphics LCD and keypad. Firmware prepared in Keil C51 for the Cygnal C8051F126 processor. Several utilities for parameter programming and firmware reprogramming done in Microsoft VB 6.

ITT Cannon, Eden Prairie MN - Designed and developed a calibration and data logging utility tool for ITT joysticks using Microsoft Visual Basic. The tool used an RS485 multidrop-communications link to support the multiple microcontrollers within a joystick control.

Domino Lasers Inc
Anaheim, CA 8/00 to 9/02

Project Engineer working on development of laser based stroke marking system. Responsible for defining system architecture, working on the project planning and preparing design specifications for core parts of the product functionality. Product development required coordination between implementation teams in Germany, Grear Britain, and Anaheim headquarters. Product utilized industrial application of SVGA LCD panel with touch screen running with an embedded implementaton of Windows 2000 on a SBC style PCI Bus computer. Also contributed to a key portion of the user interface software tbat was developed in Microsoft C++ Ver 6.

RSI Systems Inc
Edina, MN 8/95 to 7/00

Senior Design Engineer / Engineering Manager performing architectural design and detailed hardware development for a second generation video conferencing system for video communications in an office environment over ISDN phone lines. Heavy emphasis on Motorola 68332 embedded development including FPGA gate arrays, video circuits, audio DSP subsystem, and ISDN telecom interfaces. The system design was also adapted for three separate OEM customers including packaging design, tooling design coordination and manufacturing ramp up.

Sylmar, CA 12/94 to 7/95

Contract Engineer performing architectural design for a new pacemaker programmer product to provide state of the art user interface for medical personnel to program and monitor the activity of an implanted pacemaker.

AST Computers
Irvine, CA 8/94 to 12/94

Contract Engineer designing a bootable CDROM system on PC based platform for launching Windows based LAN server installation software.

Simi Valley, CA 3/86 to 8/94

Self Employed Engineer performing product development services for various client firms. Broad range of hardware and software products produced. Embedded systems, motion control systems, laser control systems, Windows software, telecommunication products and PCDOS software products like XTree and XTreeLink are included in the many projects performed.

O.A. Systems Incorporated
Culver City, CA 6/83 to 2/86

Chief Engineer designing integrated work station computer unit aimed at front office secretarial office automation market. Product development included all phases from microprocessor electronics development, chassis design, packaging, diagnostics and production considerations.

Callan Data Systems
Westlake Village, CA 3/81 to 6/83

Principle Engineer supporting operating system implementations, design of 68000 microprocessor computer boards, design of new microprocessor controller boards, disk controllers and production engineering for the firm's integrated workstation computer unit.

Litton Energy Control Systems
Chatsworth, CA 6/79 to 3/81

Project Engineer to develop new multiple microprocessor central console for energy management system that supported an in-house designed real time operating system. Key design attributes were fault tolerance, multi-way communications links to satalite spaves, and error correcting memory

Data Products Incorporated
Woodland Hills, CA 1/79 to 6/79

Project Engineer within organization providing custom OEM interface designs for Data Products Printers.

Pertec Computer Corporation
Chatsworth, CA 3/78 to 1/79

Senior Engineer working with systems engineering group to develop a low end unitized small business microcomputer system. Also supported design of medium scale products and developed factory board and system level test capabilities.

Litton Guidance and Control Systems
Woodland Hills, CA 12/76 to 3/78

Electrical Engineer within equipment design group to design interface modules for air and sea launch cruise missile navigation systems. Also designed I/O simulators and software development systems for cruise missile computers.

Sperry Univac Defense Systems
St. Paul, MN 3/73 to 11/76

Electrical Engineer with R&D group designing high performance non volatile mass storage memory systems technology under Navy IR&D programs. Also developed a concept and equipment to perform environmental parameter control for integrated circuits undergoing electrical test.

Undergraduate Employment

Summer work from 1968 to 1972 doing carpentry and construction work on a self employed basis.

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